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Black German shepherd facts are very astonishing. We know these dogs are a popular breed all around the world.  These dogs are crafted to perfection. They are a result of one man’s vision of creating a dog that has an amazing work ethic, and courage.

BGS dog exudes all these qualities and more, with their large bodies and thick coats. They are easy on the eyes too.

Max von Stephanitz was the man, who mostly helped in the development of the dog’s breed in the 1890s. He wanted the dog to be a workaholic – strong and smart to learn any task, and always willing to do it.

Black German shepherd facts

The BGSD has all these amazing traits that, one can’t put a finger on just one.

Well here are some Black German shepherd facts, that makes them so popular with the people and has garnered them immense love generation after generation.

List of Amazing Black German Shepherd Facts

  • Why is This Breed of Dog Called Black German Shepherd?

The Black GSD is a dog breed whose official name has a dog in it. Have you ever wondered why is that so?

Well, the word ‘dog’ was used to clear any confusion people might have because during the early 1900s human German shepherds were quite common.

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These Shepherd would help with livestock so to differentiate between, the two; this dog breed was named Black German shepherd dog.

  • Beware! You don’t want to bitten by a Black GSD

Well, it’s safe to say that a BGSD biting you is not a good situation, Ever! This mighty dog has a bite force of 238 pounds; on the other hand, a human bite has just a mere 86!

That is why Black GSD make excellent work dogs. Anyone would think twice before running away from them.

  • Average Lifespan

A Black German shepherd breed dog lives up to be 10-11 years old.

  • Big Dog

In their first two years, Black GSD is quite thin but eventually, they grow huge muscle mass. They grow up to be powerful big dogs that range in between 22-26 inches and about 50-90 pounds. While a female dog weighs a bit less than the male GSD dog

It important to train these dogs properly or they can overthrow a grown man down to the ground easily.

  • Popular Dog Breed

Do you know this breed of dog is the second most registered in the US?

The reason for this is the breed’s plethora of talents like courage, agility, workability, and performance. They are great for military, police and service work. In short, they can do it all.

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  • Popular all Around the World

These super dogs are just popular in the US, but all around the world. There are about 250,000 purebred shepherds in German alone.

  • Lone Wolves

Black German shepherd dogs aren’t that fond of strangers. They love their owner but can be a bit aloof. However, Black GSD dog can be trained to socialize, so they are not aggressive with strangers.

  • Protective to the Core

Apart from being standoffish with strangers, these dogs are very protective towards their owners. They won’t ever be reluctant to protect their packs member.

  • Black GSD – a Movie Star

Before Rin Tin Tin – a German Dog who stole the hearts of many people on screen, there was Strongheart. Strongheart was a male shepherd, who was the first ever canine movie star.

Stongheart was trained as a police dog in Germany and was brought to the US by Launce Trimble and Jane Murfin when Strongheart was just 3 years old. This dog starred in many movies, and 1925 adaption of White Fang.

Strongheart with his mate, Lady Julie, had many puppies and their line still exists.

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  • The Name Change

In early 1914, the GSD became so popular in the US that people were talking about changing its name to ‘sheepdog’ or just ‘shepherd dog’.

This was then implemented in 1917, where the American Kennel Club removed German from GSD breed’s name. This got changed back in 1930, to German shepherd dog by the Breed’s club.

  • Summary

Black German shepherd dogs are a popular breed all around the world.  These dogs are crafted to perfection. These dogs are known for their amazing work ethic, agility, courage, and loyalty. Apart from these well-known traits, there are many other Black German shepherd facts like their protective nature, aloofness, star behavior, size, color &, etc.

  • Have I Missed Anything?

These were some of the Black German shepherd dog facts which totally are amazing. Did we miss out any other fun facts? Let us know in the comments section below.


Was Rin Tin Tin, the famous film dog a German shepherd?

Yes, Rin Tin Tin was a Black German shepherd dog.

What are some of the colors of German shepherd dog?

The AKC has acknowledged 11 colors of the dog breed, which are – bi-color, red & black, cream & tan, black plus silver, gray, blue, sable, silver.

How big is a male Black German shepherd dog?

A male Black German shepherd is a large dog that ranges in between 22-26 inches and about 50-90 pounds.

What is a life-span of a Black German Shepherd dog?

A Black German shepherd breed dog lives up to be 10.75 years old.

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