Black German Shepherd History | Origin | Etymology [Updated]

Looking back into Black German shepherd history, definitely, undying efforts of producing GSD’s were made so that human can have a loyal companion and a multi-tasker which has all notable characters found in various dog breeds. That’s why the Black German shepherd is the most popular breed in the U.S.

Black German Shepherd was produced through the selective breed process to have all the notable qualities of various dog breeds including high intellectual level, loyalty, Muscle elasticity, and strength.

The ancestors of Black German shepherd dogs have been acted as human companion and servants for centuries. German shepherd dogs are considered most intelligent, loyal, diligent and noble dogs.

Origin of Black German Shepherd

Black german shepherd origin is a result of selective cross-breeding. Originally, Black German shepherd was used to protect herds in German.

Later, Black German shepherd dog worked as diversified labor like to guide and assist handicapped, search and rescue, military and police service, drug detection and last but not least loyal companion of human in this modern age.

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Etymology: Why It Is Called A German Shepherd Dog?

German Shepherd dog (Alsatian) name has been gone through many changes. The political status of the country had a major role in changing the name. Another factor behind the changing of the name was the effect on the popularity of German shepherd dog. Let’s look briefly into some of the reasons mentioned below.

Original Name

First of all, Captain Max Von Stephanitz named this dog breed Deutscher Schaferhund literally meaning German Shepherd dog due to its work which was to protect herds and assisting German shepherds.

World war I Impact

Later, after the world war I ended, the word ‘German’ was removed due to anti-German sentiments in the country because of the expected danger to the popularity of German shepherd dog.

Alsatian wolf dog

After this German shepherd name was renamed by UK kennel club to Alsatian wolf dog. This name was internationally recognized by many Kennel club. The term “Wolf” was also dropped because many people thought that it can harm the popularity and legality of this breed.

Restoration to the original name

In 1977 successful campaigns were run to restore its first name from Alsatian dog to German Shepherd Dog. These days its commonly known as German Shepherd dog or GSD but Alsatian is still used in writings.

Main Contributors of Black German Shepherd Existence

The German shepherd dog that we know today was not always like that, it is the result of efforts done by Ex cavalry captain Max Von Stephanitz who along with his cordial breeders decided to cross various dog breeds strains from the different regions of Germany which resulted into ancestors of today’s German shepherd dog.

Black German Shepherd Dog Breed Production

Black German Shepherd dog is the result of the cross of two black GSDs or the product of bi-color breeding.  Another possibility of the existence of black German shepherd is the cross between a tan GSD and Black GSD which produces Black German Shepherd puppies.

The black GSD is solid in color varying from other GSD’s that mostly have bi-color appearance. This also considers highly intelligent and active breed among other GSD’s

Preference of Black German Shepherd On Other Existing Dog Breeds

As the history of Black German shepherd suggests that Captain Max Von Stephanitz believed a working dog must have strength, intelligence and other notable characters like German shepherd dog. The other dog breeds of that time were good but not good enough to possess all prescribed qualities.

So, Captain Max along with like-minded people felt the dire need to have such dog breed which can do multitasking.

After the undying attempts of Captain Max Von Stephanitz to produce such a diligent, loyal and powerful breed which was Black German shepherd dog Ultimately, it became popular across Europe first and then around the globe.

German Shepherd Dog Appearance on Silver Screen

Back in 1931, after the restoration to the original name Black German shepherd dog became popular and first time appeared on the silver screen as a shining star in movies like Rin Tin Tin and a strong heart.

The first German shepherd dog registered in the U.S was Queen of Switzerland. Now, German Shepherd dog (Alsatian) is among the top 10 dog breeds in the world and is the most popular breed in the U.S.

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Any history scholars out there?? Please share your views in the comments section below if I have missed anything about Black German Shepherd history and origin. Don’t they have a fascinating era of evolution? Please share this story with your friends who own this black beauty but are unaware of its origin. Let us know about your favorite part of BGSD history in the comment section below.


  1. When and Where did Black German Shepherd originate from?

    In the early 19th century in Germany.

  2. How Black German Shepherd dogs resulted?

    Black German Shepherd puppies may result from the breeding of black or tan German Shepherd Dogs.

  3. Are Black German Shepherd dogs smart?

    Yes, they are smart and do the tasks actively.

  4. Are All Black German Shepherds protective dogs?

    Yes, if they are trained properly they are very protective of herds and their families. They are extremely loyal.

  5. How does exactly a Black German shepherd look like?

    A German Black Shepherd dog has a solid black color appearance with a doom shape head and a long, square muzzle.

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