Black German Shepherd Puppies – Man’s Best friend indeed 

The Black German shepherd dog breed is quite popular all around the world, and it is easy to see why. The Young Black German shepherd puppies are lovable, adorable canines that are highly intelligent and ready to work.

Let’s take a look at some of the types of BGSD puppies below.

Types of Black German Shepherd Puppies

  • German Shepherd Husky Mix Puppies
German Shepherd Husky Mix Puppies

These mix of puppies are a gorgeous blend of Siberian Husky and BGSD. These Husky puppies grow up to be quite large dogs.

In terms of physical appearance, they have wolf-like faces and beautiful piercing blue eyes, thanks to their Husky lineage.

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  • German Shepherd Lab Mix Puppies
German Shepherd Lab Mix Puppies

These handsome puppies are a mix of BGS and Labrador dogs. The mix puppy has a tail muzzle and tall ears of the German shepherd whereas; some puppies may resemble a Labrador more.

  • German Shepherd Chow Mix Puppy
German Shepherd Chow mix Puppy

These mix of German shepherd puppies are the best “designer dog” option out there. They have the fluffiest coat that will make you fall in love with them at first sight.

They typically have long narrow muzzle like the BG shepherd dogs and a skinny face, and their color scheme accentuates their mane-like fur.

  • German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Puppies
German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Puppies

The mix between Golden Retriever and BGS dogs makes a stunning looking puppy. These puppies might look like a shepherd with the color of a retriever or vice versa.

Now that you know the types of BGS puppies and if you are thinking about getting one, there are a few things you should be familiar with going in.

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Characteristics of BGS Puppies

  • Careful of the Land Sharks Beware!

The puppies have earned the nickname “land sharks” for their bitey mouths. This mouthiness is a part of their herding heritage, as they puppies tend to bite a lot. Solely for this reason alone, GSD can be a trying breed with children who unknowingly become targets of their playful biting.

Therefore, from the beginning, these puppies should be taught that biting humans is not the right behavior and channel that mouthiness into other chew toys or games.

  • Hair Everywhere

GSD has a double coat which causes them to shed twice as much fur. Be ready to come across their coat hair on your floor, sofas, your clothes, etc. There is a reason they’re called “German shedders.”

  • Like to Play Rough

BGS dogs tend to play rough with not only people but with other dogs as well. They’re intense dogs! What you can do is, supervise their interactions when they play, and give them a lot of break and timeouts so that playtime doesn’t get too out of hands.

  • Get Ready For a Vocal Dog

They tend to be very vocal. Some dogs can be whiners; for example, they whine when they are excited, stressed, or to get attention. Some other dogs are more barky, especially towards strangers.

Some BGS can also be unusually quiet at times, but most of them like to bark just for the fun of it! This barking habit can be difficult to curb as it is a part of their lineage. However, what you can do is be prepared to start training your pup from the beginning when and how to be quiet.

  • Consider a Plethora of Health Issues

Shepherd dogs are known for their large number of health issues. They range from benign (allergies) and can get as serious as life-threatening diseases, such as osteosarcoma or hemangioma; these shepherds tend to have them all.

These breed of dogs are predispositions to diseases that seem to occur within their purebred like, e.g., degenerative myelopathy.

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  • Keeping Pups Busy

Black GSD puppies are large, athletic and quite intelligent. This means is that if your dog gets bored, you are going to be sorry for bringing this cute fuzzy monster into your house.

What you can do is try obedience classes, fly ball, agility, herding, etc. The dogs can excel at various canine activities. When getting Black German shepherd pups to make sure to do some research on how to keep your pup busy.

  • Summary

BGSD puppies are quite a popular breed of dogs. However, these puppies can be a handful as they are super energetic, active, and need a lot of attention. In all honesty, a Black German shepherd puppy won’t be that different from any other puppy, as all puppies require love, hard work and lots of patience.

  • Anything I Missed?

This article is a complete guide on the Black German shepherd puppies. Now you know what mix is the most suitable for you and what to expect when you get one. Mention if I missed anything about types or characteristics of BGS Puppies. Comment below if you have further questions, suggestions, and feedback.


How can we keep Black GSD puppies busy?

To keep these puppies busy you can do is try obedience classes, fly ball, agility, herding, etc.

What age black german shepherd full grown?

Physically Black German shepherd reach full growth between 18-24 months.

Are BGS puppies noisy?

Yes, these dogs tend to be very vocal.

How much is a black german shepherd?

A Black German shepherd costs $800-$3500.

How much are black german shepherd puppies

Black German shepherd puppies cost $500-$1500.

How to tell if a black and tan german shepherd puppy will change color?

BGSD puppies don’t change color usually with growth only colored patches become more noticeable.

How can I tell if my black german shepherd puppy will stay black?

If you bought pure black puppies then it doesn’t change color and remain black

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