Black German Shepherd Temperament & Personality

Even if you aren’t that familiar with BGSD or Black German shepherd temperament, you still might have seen them as military dogs, police dogs or search and rescue dogs. But once you get a well acquainted with these dogs you learn how well-balanced they are and can also be sweet, loyal and compassionate.

Black German shepherd dogs are loyal

Personality Characteristics of a Black German Shepherd

Black German Shepherd Temperament

Black German Shepherds are a very self-assured breed of dogs and therefore, can be trained easily. They have many other pleasing characteristics such as alertness, curiously, obedience, intelligence, and confidence. These traits make these dogs adaptable and equally well-rounded as working dogs as well as pets.

These one of a kind species of dogs are extremely versatile. They can work just as well as therapy dogs as much as a police dog. While people at first glance find these dogs to be intimidating, they are in reality one of the most balanced temperaments of dog breeds.

Black German Shepherd Personality

Willingness to Work

Work ethic is one of the most important trait that Black German shepherd dogs have. They perform all their tasks to perfection. They love to work and hence make great working dogs. That is why they make excellent police and military dogs but are also great herd dogs.

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Black German shepherds are the best choice to look after livestock. When working on a farm, these dogs guide the herd to the desired area with ease and quickness. They can also very easily guard the livestock against any harm.

Kind and Sympathetic

These Black German shepherd dogs are very kind souls, who are capable of showing a lot of compassion for human beings. These dogs with proper training can become great therapy dogs for the blind and those with disabilities.

They can also help a person heal emotionally via dog therapy. Their sweet, gentle nature allows them to be near other’s especially the ones who are emotionally distressed.

Black German Shepherd dogs Personality

Selfless and Protective

Black German shepherd dogs inherently have a protective instinct that does not waver. These dogs would rather put themselves in danger to save others.

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BGSD are selfless and there make great guard dogs as their desire to protect their owner and family is unmatched. These dogs not only protect their human family but are also known to look after their home as well.

Black German Shepherd dogs Temperament

Loyal and loving

Black German shepherd dogs are loyal to the bone and very loving towards their owners. They are especially very loving towards children young or old.

They are kind and capable of being a fun playmate for children as well as their protector. It is very fascinating to watch a GSD carefully play with a young child and guard and protect them at the same time.

Black German Shepherd Temperament

When & Why do They React?

Black German shepherd dogs are highly adaptable as they can easily adapt to any situation quickly and easily. These dogs always think first, and then they react. They are keen observers and fairly judge if there is any intention of harm.

BGSD take time to open up to strangers, they first observe their personality thoroughly and then befriend the stranger.

Their ability to react towards people, environment and other animals, truly makes the GSD temperament special.

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Black German shepherd dogs are a man’s best friend indeed. These dogs are not only great to work dogs but make even better pets because of their very adaptable nature. They also exhibit many other extraordinary characteristics like having a loving nature, work ethic, and loyalty. All in all, Black German shepherd temperament is well balanced and these are excellent dogs to own.

What’re Your Thoughts?

Is BGSD friendly? People keep asking around about Black German shepherd temperament & other personality characteristics. So now you know the answer. These dogs are not only great to work dogs but make even better pets because of their very adaptable nature. Share in the comments below which characteristic according to you makes them very adaptable?


Are Black German shepherd dogs loyal?

Yes, all BGSD are loyal if trained properly.

Can Black German shepherd dogs help with emotional therapy?

Yes, trained therapy dogs can help emotionally distressed patients.

Black German shepherd dogs are better guard dogs or pets?

Both, these dogs are highly adaptable and can work as both quite efficiently.

Are Black German shepherd dogs violent?

No, there is always a reason for their reaction.

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