Black German Shepherd Traits: BMI, Color, Features [Updated]

People are afraid to buy a black German shepherd breed because of its association with the black negative stigma which is ultimately a myth. There is nothing wrong with this black beauty. It is as normal as any other German shepherd dogs only it is more beautiful, loyal and active. Let’s discuss the mystery of Black German Shepherd Traits in detail.

I assure by the end of this article you ‘d be looking for Black German Shepherd dog dealers to buy it.

So, people who already are thinking to get a black German shepherd breed because you’ve heard a lot from your friends about its amazing qualities. But here ‘s a problem you really don’t know how does it look? Is it really black in color? How much it averagely weighs? Etc.

black german shepherd breeds

Most Common Black German Shepherd Traits

Maybe somewhat you know but you might mix it with other German shepherd dog breeds. So, here’s fleeting yet absolute information about BGS dog you might want to know.

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Facial Features

Black German shepherd dog has many similar features to other German shepherd dog breeds like erect ears, brown eye color, a doom shape forehead, and a long, square muzzle.

Body Structure

Black German shepherd beauty has a large strong and muscular body type. They have a long fluffy tail with a straight back. Black German Shepherd dog has a double coat (a common trait among GSD’s).

They have a flowing mane and keep shedding a whole year.

all black german shepherd


The most famous Black German Shepherd trait as its name suggests is a solid black color dog which may result from a cross between a tan and black color German shepherd or from a pure breed (a cross between two black German shepherd dog breed).

It is considered that black color is a recessive gene and appears only in 6.8% of all German shepherd dog breeds. Definitely, A rare beauty!!!

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Black German Shepherd height is different for both male BGSD and female BGSD. BGSD has a medium height, male with 24-26 inches’ height and females 22-24 inches generally. Its body is long and has an average size of 22-26 inches. They are larger in size as compared to other German shepherd breeds.


The average weight of male Black German shepherd dog is 65-90 lb. While female Black German shepherd weight is different than male BGSD. The BGSD female weighs less than male only 50-75 lb.

Physical Characteristics Comparison between GSD and Black GSD


  • All breeds have large muscular built.
  • They have a double coat.
  • They have similar facial features like a doom shape forehead and a long, square muzzle and erect ears.
  • They all have a tail.
  • Male height and weight is more than female.


  • Black German shepherd has a solid black color as opposed to other breeds who have bicolor.
  • BGSD has a larger size than others.
  • BGSD coat is longer in size and has a flowing mane.
  • BGSD has a long straight back.
black german shepherd dog breed


Black German Shepherd dog breed is one of rarest type of German shepherd breed. It’s produced by cross between two pure BGSD’s. It has solid black color. Black German Shepherd traits are similar to other GSD’s breed only vary in length of coat with additional flowing mane. Male BGSD’s has high BMI compared to females.

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Final Thoughts

I am pretty sure you have changed your perspective about the black stigma association with this gorgeous Black beauty called Black German shepherd breed after reading about Black German shepherd traits which are pretty great and who wouldn’t love to have a dog like that?

Please share your views and queries about Black German shepherd in the comment section below. We’d love to read and answer them.


Do Black German Shepherd dog has solid black color?

Yes, the adult Black GSD has a solid black color but puppies might have grey color.

Do they have straight backs as opposed to other German shepherd dog breeds?

This is a bit controversial, some sources say yes it has straight back but few disagree.

Why Black German shepherd dog is not so common?

It’s a really rarest form of German Shepherd breed and black color is a recessive trait (which rarely shows) in this breed.

Is it okay to buy a BGSD?

It’s as okay to buy a Black German shepherd dog as to buy any other dog breed. After their proper supervised training, anyone would love to have them.

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