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BGSD Have Rough and tough coat but do Black German Shepherd Shed or Not? its mystery for few people. These breed of Black German shepherd dogs have a very lush and beautiful coat. They have two coats – an outer and an undercoat. No matter what GSD you have (red, long-haired, plush, etc.) these dogs are bound to shed their coat hair.

do Black German Shepherd dog shed

Black German Shepherd as Seasonal Shedders

Usually, Black German shepherd dogs have a thick and rough outer coat. The undercoat is even thicker as compared to the outer coat, which in some seasons works as a sealant. By now you can deduce that these dogs are seasonal shedders.

These fine-looking dogs shed their coat hair all year round; on a scale from 1 to 10, these dogs shedding can be ranked a solid 9.

  • Why do Black German Shepherd Shed?

Basically, the reason these beauties shed their coat in large quantity is because of their origin. Originally, they come from a long line of dogs that herd; their coats protect them during harsh winters.

do Black German Shepherd shed
  • When do BGSD Mostly Shed?

However, one can expect them to shed their coat heaviest in the summertime and the least during winter. Irrespective, of the seasons these dogs, need a lot of care and grooming when it comes to keeping up with their coat shedding. The speed by which these dogs lose their coat hair can be staggering.

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In case you do not want to put a lot of time into grooming you GSD and keeping the house clean, then this breed of dog might not be for you.

  • Why Shedding Should be Avoided?

Their thick coats keep them warm and help regulate their body temperature, however when the season changes to summer, their thick double coat doesn’t help, so they start to shed it in order, to get rid of it.

What to Do When Black German Shepherd is Shedding

  • Diet Modification for When Your BGSD Is Shedding

The diet of these dogs can be a direct reason when it comes to their coat shedding. Therefore, what you can do some research and then choose the best quality dog food that suits your dog’s needs. Specific diet needs can depend on the dog’s age, any health concerns or activity level. You can try adding omega fats in their food.

Apart from diet modifications, these dogs need to exercise daily and metal stimulation in an environment that is stress-free.

Black German Shepherd dog shed
  • Make Daily Brushing Your Friend

If you brush your German shepherd too often and severely, that can cause their hair follicles to break which can lead to their hair falling out.

What you can do is, gently brush their hair daily which will greatly help lessen the shedding. You should mostly practice this in the German shepherd’s shedding season.

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  • Bathing Helps BGSD Shedding Too

The good news is that your German shepherd doesn’t need to take weekly baths, but their coats can benefit from monthly washing. Make sure that you bathe your dog properly by using the right shampoo for them.

Do some research before buying a shampoo that you can explicitly use for your German shepherd? Look up for a shampoo that help keeps your dog coat healthy and take care of their coat’s natural oils.

  • Treat BGSD by Taking Him to a Groomer

Keeping in mind your German shepherd’s size and coat they can be expensive to groom as compared to other dogs.

You know some professional help from a groomer can go a long way. An experienced groomer will successfully de-shed your dog and make sure that in the future your dog’s coat grows a healthy hair coat.

do Black German Shepherd dog shed

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  • Summary

BGSD has a thick and rough outer coat but do Black German Shepherd shed their coat hair all year round? Yes. They are heavy shedders but don’t be alarmed, you can get in control of your shepherd’s shedding. Just make sure your dog is fed with a proper diet, is bathe and groomed by professionals now and then.

  • Here’s The Next Step…

Let’s agree this article was helpful enough to aid you in knowing that do Black German shepherd shed or not? Black German shepherd dogs have a very lush and beautiful coat that tends to shed a lot. All you have to do is adapt accordingly. In case of further question, you can comment below.


Do Black German shepherd dogs shed?

These dogs shed their coat excessively.

Can change in diet help Black German shepherd shed less?

A healthy diet rich with omega fats can help with mitigating their coat shedding.

How many coats do Black German shepherd dogs have?

These dogs have two coats an outer and an inner coat.

Do Black German shepherd dogs shed more in summer or winter?

Black German shepherd dogs shed more during the summer season.

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