German Shepherd Black | Complete Guide to Black German Shepherd

Do you have an honest, loyal, diligent and most protective companion? If no, just go and get a German shepherd Black which is famous for all the prescribed qualities. Maybe you don’t know that Germa Shepherds is a 2nd most famous dog breed worldwide.

Never trust anyone, who doesn’t like your Black German shepherd dog.

But let’s get first brief information on them like why these particular kinds of dogs are called German? How do they look? How to handle them? What do they like to eat and every important information about them? There’s so much to know about black German shepherds and trust me you won’t regret knowing about them. Just have a look.

black german shepherd

German Shepherd Black Summary and Facts

Dog BreedHerding
LifeSpan9-13 years
TemperamentActive, Intelligent, Protective, Loyal, Companionable and Obedient
SizeMale: 24-26 inches, Female: 22-24 inches
WeightMale: 65-90 pounds, Female: 50-75 pounds
HeightMale: 59-65 cm, Female: 54-60 cm
ColorMini Black, Mostly Black, Black and White, Black and Red, Black and Tan
Daily Exercise60 minutes or more/day
Energy LevelVery High
Known Health IssuesHip/elbow Dysplasia, Cauda Equina Syndrome, Degenerative Myelopathy, Osteoarthritis, Spinal Cord Disease (i.e. CDRM)

Everything You Want to Know About The Black Beauty- German Shepherd Black

Here’s everything you want to know about this breed dog.

Black German Shepherd History

History of Black German Shepherd dog

German Shepherd Black is a new breed in history and developed in the early 19th century.

Today’s Black German Shepherd has not always been looked like that. In fact, it is the outcome of undying efforts done by ex-cavalry Captain Max and his companions who together did a great experiment. They decided to cross different dog breeds strain from various regions of Germany to obtain a working, loyal and beautiful dog.

They crossed different dog breeds to get Black GSD because they wanted to have all Nobel characteristics like strength, resilience and beauty with brain of different dogs in single breed which they got form BGSD.

German Shepherd Black Origin 

Black German shepherd dogs are loyal

The Black German shepherd name itself describes its origin.

Why it is Called Black German Shepherd dog?

Its first time originated in Germany and as it has a solid black color so it is known as Solid Black German shepherd. The word ‘shepherd’ indicated its working nature.

This dog was purely made as a working dog. A strong, beautiful and muscular dog which can protect herds and can work as a military dog.

BGSD name was not its first name; in fact, its first name was Deutscher Schaferhund literally meaning German shepherd dog (due to its working nature) was given by its founder Captain Max Von Stephanitz.

Alsatian Wolf Dog

History suggests that its name changed over the decades. First of all, the word ‘German” was removed due to the anti-German movement. At that time, it was called “Alsatian wolf dog“.

Later it was also changed because the word “wolf”‘ gave people an idea that this breed could be harmful and its popularity declined.

Restoration to Original Name

Its original name “Black German Shepherd” was restored again in 1977 after running successful campaigns.

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Temperament & Personality

Black German Shepherd Temperament

This breed of dog is highly versatile. They can work just as well as therapy dogs as much as a police dog.

They have many other pleasing characteristics such as alertness, curiously, obedience, intelligence, and confidence. These traits make these dogs adaptable and equally well-rounded as working dogs as well as pets.

Some of their best personality traits include:

  • Willingness to Work
  • Kind and Sympathetic
  • Selfless and Protective
  • Loyal and loving

They also exhibit many other extraordinary characteristics like having a loving nature, work ethic, and loyalty. All in all, these dogs have a well-balanced temperament and are excellent dogs to own.

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do Black German Shepherd dog shed

Facial Characteristics

Like other German shepherd breeds has erect ears, brown eye color, square muzzle and a doom shaped forehead with a strong & muscular body.


As its name suggests that it has a solid black color due to which people call it Black beauty also.

Average BMI

The average weight of this breed dog is 65-90 lb whereas its average body size is 22-26 inches.

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Male Vs Female BGS Dog

Male Black German Shepherd Dog

Male vs Female BGSD has always been a hot topic of discussion. The male German shepherd dogs are more protective and generally bond with just one person. And, the females tend to be more approachable.

Male BGS Qualities

Male BGSD are more guarded towards their toys and sleeping places. Male shepherd dogs are more inclined to one person and become more territorial over them.

Female BGS Qualities

Female Black German Shepherd Dog

Female Black German Shepherds are less protective of their physical items and are friendlier. A female German shepherd would befriend every member of the family equally.

In the end, just remember that a dog’s temperament is reflective of how it’s raised.

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Facts About BGSD

Black German shepherd facts

Well here are some facts about Black GS dog, that makes them so popular with the people and has garnered them immense love generation after generation.

  • This Breed of Dog Called German shepherd Black as Dog in it.
  • Beware! You don’t want to bite by a Black GSD
  • A Black GS breed dog lives up to be 10-11 years old.
  • Big Dog
  • Popular all Around the World

These super dogs are just popular in the US, but all around the world. There are about 250,000 purebred shepherds in German alone.

Protective to the Core

Apart from being standoffish with strangers, these dogs are very protective towards their owners. They won’t ever be reluctant to protect their packs member.

Black GSD – a Movie Star

Before Rin Tin Tin – a German Dog who stole the hearts of many people on screen, there was StrongHeart. The StrongHeart was a male shepherd, who was the first ever canine movie star.

The Many Colors of BG Shepherd Dog

Shepherd dogs are not just black in color. You may be familiar with tan and black, just black or white. However, the AKC has acknowledged 11 colors of the dog breed, which are – bi-color, red & black, etc.

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Colors of BGSDs

Black German Shepherd Colors

BGS dogs can be very diverse when it comes to their appearance. They come in all these different colors. However, the standard color for the breed is nice rich dark and pigmented color.

Some of the most popular colors of these dogs are:

Mostly Black German Shepherd

These mostly black GSDs have markings on their chests. These dogs are initially black but later take on a more typical look as they grow, black GSDs remain black for the rest of their lives.

Black and Tan German Shepherd

German shepherd dogs with diluted genes have black-and-tan GSDs as puppies in which case as an adult their coat color will be branded with brown either tan or grey

Black and Red German Shepherd

In the German show line, GSDs are mostly black and red. They are similar pattern-wise to black and tan dogs.

Black and White German Shepherd

These dogs can be completely white or even black. The white kind of German shepherds is simply a result of recessive genes, just like humans have blonde hair.

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Types of BGSDs – On The Basis of Physical Attributes

Black German Shepherd with Tan Paws

Many different types of these dogs have emerged who vary greatly in their physical appearance.

Some of the most prominent differences include:

With Brown Paws

These markings and different color paws like brown are now known, as Bi-Colored.

With Floppy Ears

German Shepherds Black puppy has floppy ears. Mostly are common when your BGSD is teething.

With Tan Paws

The variety of shades can vary extremely from sable dog to sable dog which also determines the paw color of the dog.

With White Paws

They are mostly black and stay that way through adulthood; they do however white spots have or “blaze” on their toes and chest.

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Types of BGSDs – On The Basis of Origin

DDR Black German Shepherd

They have diverse show lines; depending on the country they are bred. There are different types of these dogs that mostly vary in their physical traits, characteristics, and temperament.

The most well-known varying types of Black GSD Breed include:

The East German/DDR German Shepherd

These dogs were bred in East of part Germany to ensure that large, strong dogs were the result.

The Eastern European BGS

The East European Black German Shepherd is a large-sized cross between German Shepherds and Russian breeds including the Central Asian and the Caucasian Shepherd Dog.

The Czech BGS

The Czech Shepherds are often recognized by their dark thick coats, straight backs and are the most wolfish among their cousins.

Mean/Pure BGS

It is not a different breed; it is a solid black color German shepherd that just happens to be purebred.

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Types of Coat

BGS long hair with an undercoat

All Black German Shepherd has a double-layered coat. The outer side of the coat is thicker as compared to the inner coat which is mushy and found close to the skin. Furthermore; the coat hairs can be wavier or squashy straight depending on the dog breed.

There are four main types of a BG shepherd on the basis of its coat type.

  • Short hair with an undercoat BGSD
  • Medium hair with an undercoat BGSD
  • Long haired with an undercoat BGSD
  • Long hair without an undercoat BGSD

Short hair with an undercoat, Medium and long hairs with an undercoat bear insulation and keep these dogs warm in colder regions.

So, in colder regions people preferred short and medium hair with an undercoat dogs because of the presence of extra fatty layer which provides insulation. It reduces their shivering and help them to survive in extreme conditions.

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BGSD Mix with Other Dog Breeds

BGS Lab Mix

This cross breeding is done to bring out the best qualities of both the dog breeds.

For Example, the Retriever which is a mix between a German shepherd Black and a Golden Retriever has traits from both.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular BGS dog mix.

BGS Pitbull Mix

The B German Shepherd Pitbull mix is between GSD and an American Pitbull Terrier. These dogs are usually known for being aggressive.

BGS Blue Heeler Mix

This mix of dog breed is between an Australian Cattle dog and a BGS.

BGS Collie Mix

Collie Mix is a result of a cross between two purebred dogs – a BGS and a Border collie.

BGS Dane Mix

The Great Dane German Shepherd mix, often called the Great Shepherd, is a mixed offspring of the Great Dane and the German shepherd.

BGS Husky Mix

A German Shepherd Husky dog is a breed between GSD and a Husky.

BGS Lab Mix

The Lab mix is a dog breed between BGS and Labrador.

BGS Retriever Mix

This breed of dog is a result of two purebred dogs: A Golden Retriever and a BG Shepherd.

BGS Rottweiler Mix

This breed of dog results from a cross between a Black German shepherd and purebred Rottweiler.

Over the years bgs dog mix has resulted in other breeds of dogs like Pugs, Collies, Huskies, and more. This cross breeding is done to bring out the best qualities of both the dog breeds.

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Nutritional Requirement of a BG Shepherd Dog

They are an active dog and needs a balanced diet to keep up its energy levels.

Essential Nutrients

Always check the labels of your GSD dog food, and make sure it has protein sources; carbohydrate sources; essential fatty acid sources; antioxidants; minerals; probiotics; and vitamins.

Additional Care

You should make sure this, that your dog is always hydrated, keep his or her water bowl filled 24/7. And beware of toxic food ingredients. Try to eliminate anything that may lead to an allergic reaction or other health-related issues.

How much to Feed

And when deciding upon the quantity of your dog’s food, always try and consult your pet’s vet or read feeding guidelines that are recommended by the brand of your dog’s food.

BGSDs Health Issues

Osteoarthritis in Shepherd

This loyal breed suffers from various health issues. This breed is easily prone to diseases. Some of the diseases are discussed below.

Hip/Elbow Dysplasia

Hip/elbow dysplasia is the most recurrent disorder found in this breed. In this disease bones get weak and BGSD movement becomes limited. You can treat it with certain medications and physical therapies.

Degenerative Myelopathy

This is an old age disease and usually, BGSD suffers from this disease in the age of 8-14 years old. This disease occurred due to the dysfunctionality of the spinal cord and BGSD lose coordination between the limbs.

Most common disorders are Hip/elbow dysplasia, Osteoarthritis, degenerative myelopathy and heart diseases etc. If proper care is taken BGSD can be saved.

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BGSD Shed or Not?

do BGS shed

These dog breeds have a very lush and beautiful coat. These fine-looking dogs shed their coat hair all year round; on a scale from 1 to 10, these dogs shedding can be ranked a solid 9.

Their thick coats keep them warm and help regulate their body temperature, however when the season changes to summer, their thick double coat doesn’t help, so they start to shed it in order, to get rid of it.

But you can take care of the shedding by:

  • Diet Modification For When Your pet Is Shedding
  • Make Daily Brushing of GSD Your Friend
  • Bathing Them Helps Too
  • Treat Your GSD By Taking Him To a Groomer

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BGSD Puppies

BGS Chow mix Puppy

The young German shepherd puppies are lovable, adorable canines that are highly intelligent and ready to work.

And, if you are thinking about getting one, there are a few things you should be familiar with going in.

  • They are bitey and are known by their nickname ‘land sharks’.
  • GSD has a double coat which causes them to shed twice as much fur.
  • The dog tends to play rough with not only people but with other dogs as well.
  • GSD puppies are very vocal.
  • This breed of dog is known for its large number of health issues. Get ready to take your puppy to the vet often.
  • Black GSD puppies are large and quite energetic, so try and keep your puppy as busy as possible.

In all honesty, a German shepherd puppy won’t be that different from any other puppy, as all puppies require love, hard work and lots of patience.

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BGSD’s Adorable & Unique Names

Black German Shepherd Names

Naming a this loyal dog or any dog in general can be tedious. But do not worry about, we have got you covered.

Some of the most common and popular BGSD names are:

  • Best BGSD Names: Bells, Shadow, Roxy;
  • German Shepherd Female Names: Amelia (Amelia Earhart), Liz (short for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II), Ginny (Harry Potter), River (Dr. Who);
  • German Shepherd Names – Male: Julius (Caesar), Achilles (of Troy), Loki (Norse god), Stallone (Sylvester);
  • White German Shepherd names: Cloud, Puff, Skylark, Ivory, Champaign;
  • Adorable German Shepherd Puppy Names: Tater Tot, Dory, Chewy, Bugsy;
  • One of a Kind German Shepherd Names: Egypt, Big Ben, Peru, Cairo;

Before naming your dog just keep a few things in mind like is your dog a male or female and their size, personality and mannerism.

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Buying a BGS Puppy or Dog

BGS Puppy Price

When investing in a life-long partner, it’s important that we feel right and good when we are with them similarly, when deciding upon this dog it’s crucial that you do your research before deciding on a dog.

Getting a BG shepherd dog is always a good choice, as these dogs are fiercely loyal and have great guarding instincts, but you need to research and make sure you are getting your dog from a reputable breeder.

When getting a GSD puppy/dog make sure:

  • Puppies should be immunized, clean, and healthy.
  • Make sure the puppy that you are getting is active and outgoing.
  • Check the pup’s parents as well and make sure they are Breed Surveyed, i.e., they have passed the Breed Improvement Schemes, specifically elbow and hip schemes.
  • Check their documentation like diet sheet, vaccination, and pedigree
  • Cost of a BG shepherd Puppy
  • Buying a Puppy/Dog with a Registered Pedigree

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German shepherd Black ornaments are a must have for shepherd dog owners. These BGSD ornaments are a great addition for your home to decorate or to collect.

They go well on Christmas trees and these GSD ornaments come in different varieties like ceramic, glass, metal, paper-like, and even wooden. One can find them from various online purchasing websites such as Amazon and Ali Express etc.

They can be of different types such as Christmas cap, necklaces and jingling chains etc.

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It is one of the most loyal dog breeds around. They are solid black in color. Within this breed one can find variety of types such as in color, coat, origin and different mix of BGSD.

German Shepherd dog descendent of German herding dogs is a new dog breed to history, came into existence in 1899.

BGSD has an average size of 22-26 inches and the average weight of the dog is 65-90 lb.

They have the best personality traits including the willingness to work, loyalty, friendly behavior, kind and Sympathetic.

BGSD has a double coat which causes them to shed twice as much fur.

This breed of dog is known for its large number of health issues. Get ready to take your puppy to the vet often.

BGSD cross-breeding has been done to bring out the best qualities of both the dog breeds such as Black German Shepherd Pitbull mix.

Now It’s Your Turn

This was a brief introduction of German Shepherd Black. It is one of the famous dog breeds. Are you thinking to have a Black beauty or you already own one or many. For further and detailed information about them you can check the links given below each heading.

Let us know which aspect of Black German Shepherd you liked the most?  If we have missed anything please update us by commenting on extended articles or through our social media platforms.

Don’t forget to share your views. Nowadays BGSDs are bred in different sizes and more versatile colors.

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