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German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix

German shepherd Rottweiler Mix is a result of crossing between a purebred Rottweiler and a purebred German Shepherd dog.

According to the American Kennel Club, both the parent breeds are ranked very highly in terms of being the most popular and recognized breed around the world!

German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix

German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix Summary and Facts
Dog Breed Hybrid
Type Working dog
LifeSpan 10-13 years
Temperament loyal, loving, social, energetic
Price $250-$850
Weight 75-115lb
Height 22-27 inches
Color black, brown, black & tan
Training Trainable
Daily Exercise 1-2 hours/day
Energy Level Very High
Known Health Issues elbow or hip dysplasia, congenital health issues
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Rottweilers hybrid were initially bred to be dependable guard dogs. And, to inbreed positive qualities and out-breed the negative health issues.

These hybrid dogs are not recognized by the Kennel Clubs. They are however recognized by the Designer Breed Registry as a Rottweiler Shepherd.

The Rottweiler German Shepherd Mix’s lifespan ranges from 10 – to 13 years.

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Rottweiler x German shepherd hybrid dogs take physical characteristics from both parents.

They weigh around 75 – 115lb and this depends largely on the size of the parents.

The Rotties mix dog can be as tall as 22-27″ in height. The males are usually taller.

Coloring & Coat
Rottweiler German shepherd will most likely have a thick coat and can have varying colors like black, brown, and black & tan.

This hybrid dog mix is known for its loyal and loving temperament. However, as both parents have similar personality traits, so will the hybrid mix dog.

Before, adopting the German shepherd Rottweiler mix notice both its parents’ characters to have a fair idea of how the pup will turn out to be.

Rottweiler mix can adjust will with families, but need to be trained and socialized at a young age.

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They can be territorial but can be trained to overcome that. Also, you may notice that at times they appear aloof, though this is more a reflection of their historic role as a guard dogs.

Rottweiler mix

These hybrid puppies can be trained easily and are trainable.

And should be socialized at a young age to a range of people, place as well as visitors to help your hybrid dog feel comfortable.

Also, when training your dog, we highly recommend positive training techniques and refrain from punishments as that can make your dog a bit aggressive.

Rottweiler dogs are prone to elbow or hip dysplasia and therefore it’s important that they exercise regularly and are kept on a diet to maintain their weight.

They need 1-2 hours of exercise each day. These hybrid dogs exhibit high energy and love being active. Make sure to take your dog out for exercise daily so their destructive tendencies remain tamed.

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Your hybrid Rottweiler German Shepherd Mix would need a lot of brushing if they inherit the German shepherd’s long coat.

With German shepherd Rottweiler mix breed at home, you would definitely need to invest in a good vacuum cleaner, as these serial shedders shed a lot of hair, especially during the shedding season.

Health Problems
Just like the other German hybrid dogs, the Rottweiler mix is also prone to a few ailments like congenital health issues, most them which they develop in adulthood.

Price of Rottweiler German Shepherd Mix
You can expect this little ball of fluff to cost you between $250-and $850 USD.

Rottweiler German Shepherd Mix

German shepherd Rottweiler mix is a result of crossing between a purebred Rottweiler and a purebred German shepherd dog. This hybrid dog belongs to the working group of breeds. They should be trained at a young age. Lovable and loyal these dogs can be a great companions for experienced dog owners. Rottweiler mix is the very good family dog.

Do you think the German shepherd Rottweiler mix can be a handful for an amateur dog owner? Do share your views in the comments below.

How much does a Rottweiler German Shepherd Mix cost?
You can expect it to cost between $250-and $850 USD.

how big will a German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix get?
German Shepherd Rottweiler mix will be 75-115lb and grows up to 22-27 inches in height.

How tall does a Rottweiler Mix grow?
The Rotties mix dog can be as tall as 22-27’’ in height and males are usually taller.

What colors can a Rottweiler Shepherd hybrid have?
Rottweiler mix can have varying colors like black, brown, and black & tan.

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