Male Vs Female Black German Shepherd | Ultimate Decision

Are you stuck in a pickle, trying to decide what shepherd to choose – a male or a female dog?

Now that you have decided that you want a Black German shepherd, deciding on your dog’s gender is just as important. There are pros and cons for both genders.

Male Black German shepherd vs Female Black German shepherd dog is a tale as old as time. Male shepherd dogs are more territorial and tend to bond more with just one person. While, on the other hand, female dogs are friendlier with everyone. In the end, just remember that a dog’s temperament is reflective of how it’s raised.

To find out more about these pros & cons, keep reading the article that will help you make a more well-informed decision.

Male Black German Shepherd vs Female Black German Shepherd Dog

  • Cons

Male Black German shepherds dogs, like all male dogs, are more dominant than females. Female Black German Shepherd dogs tend to be friendlier and gentler towards outsiders and their families.

However, this is always not the case. Basically, a dog’s temperament directly depends on how they are brought up.

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  • Pros

Based on a census by male Black German shepherd owners, claimed that male dogs tend to be more proud and aloof than females. However, they still exhibit characteristics like playfulness, curiosity, and learning.

Physically male dogs are larger than females; hence require more food and upkeep.

Male Black German Shepherd Qualities

Male Black German Shepherd Dog
  • Size

The first and perhaps the most visible trait is that male shepherd dog is more athletic, muscular, and larger.

  • Temperament

These dogs are also more protective of their sleeping areas and toys. This can only be a problem if you overindulge your dog and make them think that they’re in charge. In order, to overcome this issue just make sure your dog knows its place in the family and that you are the master.

Male BGSDs are more inclined to one person and become more territorial over them. And, due to their nature male German shepherd dog is a better option for personal protection as they have a large size and particularly bond with just one person.

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  • Mating

And the most basic difference in male Black German shepherd vs female Black German shepherd dog is the problem of marking. Male dogs are more territorial, and when they are unneutered they mark a lot more than females do.

Female Black German Shepherd Qualities

Female Black German Shepherd Dog
  • Size

Female black German shepherd dogs are usually smaller and less muscular. There are also small males and larger females, just know this is relative, and shepherds are in general large dogs anyway.

  • Temperament

Female BGSD’s as compared to male shepherd dogs are less possessive over items and less likely to bond with just one person.  Most female dogs love the entire family and treat them all equally, that is unless one person dotes more on them in terms of feeding, managing, and training.

Female Black German shepherd dogs are easily trainable due to their small size, they are also highly sensitive and because of their temperament, they are a better choice to train for events. These dogs also mature quickly as compared to males and are friendly towards strangers and children.

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  • Mating

Female BGSD twice a year go into heat unless they are spayed. This continues for up to 2-3 weeks. During this time, secretions from their vagina will attract males.

  • The Ultimate Decision

Keep in mind that a dog’s temperament is reflective of how the dog is raised and is far more potent than their sexual traits and genetics. These dogs despite their gender are intelligent and devoted and if trained well would be a great addition for any family.

  • The Final Verdict

If this is your first time adopting a Black German shepherd dog, it’s recommended that you choose a female shepherd. Female Black German shepherds do not have dominance issues like the Male Black German shepherds, who recognize a lack of effective leadership in a household.

At the end, whatever you decide, either to get a male or female shepherd dog, and you bring them correctly, you will have a loving friend till the end of time.

  • Now it’s Your Turn

Now you know some of the pros and cons of both male Black German shepherd vs female Black German shepherd dog. Which dog are you planning to get a male or female Black shepherd dog? Share with us in the comments below.


Are female Black German shepherd friendlier than male dogs?

Yes, female shepherd dogs are friendlier than male shepherd dogs.

What are some male Black German shepherd traits?

Male shepherd dogs are larger, territorial and possessive.

Are female Black shepherd dog easier to train?

Yes, female shepherd dogs are easier to train.

Who is more territorial, male or female shepherd dog?

Male Black German shepherd dogs are more territorial than female.

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