Sandeep Baswana: There is no other consideration in TV other than money


After being a part of shows like Udaan and Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, actor Sandeep Baswana has taken a leap into direction. Having spent two decades as an actor on TV and being part of 16 shows, he feels there is no longer creative satisfaction doing daily soaps so he decided to dabble into writing and direction.

“The content on TV has surely gone down considerably. When I started with Kuch Jukhi Palkain followed by Kyunki…, TV was on its prime. Today, I see makers repeating same old shows. Earlier, daily soaps were picking plots from some movie, books or some real stories but now they are taking plots from daily soaps itself,” says Baswana.

The Vish Ya Amrit: Sirata actor says, “There is no other consideration in TV industry other than money. Things have changed a lot; it’s no longer that you get excited about a character, work and how the scene will turn out. As an actor, I feel if that nervousness and excitement is not there then you are not able to give your 100%. For 2-3 years, I’m off TV and hope I don’t have to go back. But I have learnt to never say never, as whenever I have said this, I had to make a comeback in a month itself, (laughs).”

Baswana says that he was preparing himself discreetly to venture into direction in future.

“When I came from Hissar, I started with modelling and ads. I just wanted to be part of cinema…bas kaam karna aur seekhna tha. The idea was to be a part of the creative process in whatever capacity it could be — actor, writer, director or anything! While acting, I never used to rest in vanity vans but hang around with the crew and technical team learning new things. I started writing long time back,” he shares.

After this last show, the transition became simpler for him. “Now, I feel that I wanted to be a director for a long time but realised this very late. When I took a break, I already had a story ready for which I have done screenplay and dialogues as well. As I found a financer, wearing director’s hat was easy for me. I did not have to struggle the way I had to be an actor. I hope my debut film Haryana is able to wins hearts,” he says.

Other than direction Baswana has web on his mind. “If it’s a great script and is a short commitment then I will surely do it. I have another script that is ready so I would like to work upon it. It will be shot in multiple locations including Uttar Pradesh as we have zeroed upon Varanasi,” he tells.

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