Tanuj Virwani: Digital detox every now and then is important for me


For Tanuj Virwani, drawing lines between the real and virtual world is very important. And that’s why the actor likes to log out of social media frequently. He says it helps him avoid getting consumed by the virtual world.

Last month, he shared on Instagram that he was feeling digital fatigue, saying he has decided to take a short break. The actor, who is back online, confesses that while his breaks might be short, they are very effective.

“There’s no dire situation which pushes me to take a break from social media. It is just that I sometimes feel that it is important to pause, reflect, do a little bit of thinking and look forward from the virtual world. I enjoy social media and everything that comes along with it, but at the same time, I feel it can be too much of a good thing sometimes,” Virwani tells us.

After a hectic work schedule, the actor, who was last seen in season two of Code M, confesses he felt he needed “a little downtime to balance and re-energise” himself, which was the reason behind his last break from social media.

Expressing his views further, the 35-year-old mentions, “These short digital detox are extremely vital in today’s ever changing, and fast evolving world. It could be just about spending some downtime with yourself, some indulgence in yourself, or taking a break to spend time with your loved ones”.

“At the end of the day, many of us are so consumed by the work that we do, especially in a fast moving city and industry, like Mumbai and Bollywood, that you need to get your foot off the accelerator once in a while, otherwise, one will just become prey to the entire rat race,” he ends.

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