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White German Shepherd (WGS), is a unique breed of shepherd dog that is entirely white. When someone comes across one for the first time, they immediately end up thinking that the dog is suffering from a genetic disorder like albinism. However, these white German shepherd puppies and dogs are entirely like the Black German Shepherd (BGS). The WGS only differ in the color of their coat.

Apart from their snow-white fur, other things make WGS one of a kind gorgeous hound. Let’s find out more about this breed in a white coat.

white german shepherd
White German Shepherd Summary and Facts
Dog BreedHerding
OriginGerman, Canada, United States
LifeSpan12-14 years
TemperamentProtective, Loyal, Companionable, Cheerful and Obedient
WeightMale: 77-85 pounds, Female: 77-85 pounds
HeightMale: 23-26 inches, Female: 21-24 inches
ColorWhite, Snowy White
Daily Exercise30 minutes or more/day
Energy LevelVery High
Known Health IssuesHip/elbow Dysplasia, Malabsorption Syndrome, Eye Diseases

History of White German Shepherd

This dog breed shares its history with Black-and-Tan and Black German Shepherd dogs. They all come from the same lineage. During the reign of Hitler in Germany 1930s, the White GSD was debarred as being the pure GSD.

However, despite the banning of WGS, did not dissuade some breeders residing in Canada and the US. A small group in 1969, established a White GSD club, in a last attempt to promote the White GSD as an equal of the colored GSD.

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They are similar to the standard breed in terms of their physical attributes in every way, apart from their coat color, of course.

WGS is an average sized, muscular, and a fit dog. They have erect ear and a low-set tail. Male adult WGS is about 24 to 26 inches, while the females range from 22 to 24 inches, both the dogs weighing 77 to 85 pounds when they reach their maturity.


White German Shepherds are extremely loyal and have a playful nature. They love playing activities like fetch, etc., as long as their owner or the family is with them.

These dogs are cheerful, well-balanced, calm when need be. White GSDs also display qualities like courage, obedience, and faithfulness. If a dangerous situation arises, they can react accordingly and be very protective of their owner and react instantly.


All GSDs are smart canines. These dogs are made for training. There are a lot of training methodologies out there. And you should always go with a training method that best suits you and your dog.

You should start training, as your White GSD puppy comes through the door. Potty training and Housebreaking are vital aspects of puppyhood. After this stage of training, you can go through obedience sessions.

white german shepherd puppies

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Health Issues

Most known GSDs health issues are hip and elbow dysplasia. They illnesses become apparent with age and are usually inherited. Your dog may also be susceptible to other airborne allergies, from food or fleas.

It is also known that white German Shepherd can develop malabsorption syndrome along with a variation of eye diseases.

Exercise & Activity Level

White GSDs love playing and being active. They wouldn’t mind running along, while you’re jogging or pedaling on your bike. Their activity level is very high and exercise between 30-40 minutes or more per day.

If you are unable to indulge your dog in vigorous playtime activities, it can always be replaced with formal exercise routines


One of the drawbacks of having any German Shepherd Dog is that they shed a lot. So just like any shepherd dog, you have to brush your WGS often, especially with a de-shedding tool, that can help reduce hair fall finding its way on your furniture and carpets.

Also, bathing a WGS is always a good hygienic practice, but don’t do it very frequently.


These dogs are a rarity, and because of that, their price can fluctuate depending on demand, appearance, coat, and breeder’s reputation.


A typical price of white puppy ranges from $700 to $1,500.

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Now It’s Your Turn

White German Shepherd (WGS), is similar to other breeds of German shepherd dogs, in every aspect apart from their coat color, which is white. This dog breed shares its history with Black-and-Tan and Black German Shepherd dogs. They can develop malabsorption syndrome and need to be looked after. These dogs are a rarity and can range between $700-$1,500.

If I have missed anything please share with us. Share your experiences with this breed. What are some of your favorite activities you like to do with your white shepherd, don’t forget to share in the comments section below.


  1. Was Rin Tin Tin, the famous film dog a German shepherd?

    Yes, Rin Tin Tin was a Black German shepherd dog.

  2. How do white German shepherd differ from Black German Shepherd?

    They are similar to Black German Shepherd (BGS) in every way, except for the coat color.

  3. What is the temperament of white shepherd dog?

    White German Shepherds are lovable, adorable, loyal, and extremely protective.

  4. Do white shepherd dogs shed?

    They shed a lot like all the members of the German shepherd family.

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